itadakimasu minna

Hi there! My name is Kristalyn Hazel and this is my photo blog of foods I have eaten so far. ^___^v

This is Itadakimasu with Myka! ^0^

"Itadakimasu" is what Japanese say before they eat, and having fondness in Japanese culture and stuffs, I decided to name my food blog with it.

"Myka" is my web alias, usually tied up with a second name like 'Infinity Myka' or 'Myka Customs'.

Home-made, restaurant, bar, foreign cuisine, pinoy food, drinks, plates, plating, garnish, condiments, utensild and many other stuffs related to food is what I post here.

If you wanna get hungry and satisfy your cravings, scroll down and indulge yourselves!

And oh, I do put a caption on where I ate a certain food and the name of the dish if I get to remember it. lol.

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